Make a Field Mandatory

From iGIS 8.2.0 onwards, there is now an ability to make feature attribute fields mandatory. This is done via a layer’s .glc file. Here is an example of a working .glc with mandatory fields:

The mandatory parameter is passed in the header of an attribute or codelist. In other words, an attribute header that is mandatory will look something like this:

<Attribute column="asset_id" readable-name="Asset_ID" mandatory="YES">

and a codelist that is mandatory looks something like this:

<CodeList name="TrueFalseCodes" type="C" length="1" mandatory="true">

Notice how it doesn’t matter if you pass “YES” or “true”, iGIS will interpret it as mandatory. In fact, you can use YES, yes, TRUE, true,  1, y or Y to set mandatory.

If there is no mandatory parameter passed, the default is NO.

If you like, you may explicitly set mandatory to NO, no, false, FALSE, n, N or 0 to ensure the attribute or codelist is not mandatory.