Geometry is a progressive software development company focussed on the delivery of quality systems with an enjoyable customer experience. 

We have a proud history of designing and developing enterprise business systems for both government and the business community throughout Australia. Geometry has special expertise in the implementation of spatial technologies and offers exceptional knowledge and proficiency in the delivery of web-based solutions.

Geometry's team members have been involved in the creation of award winning systems for over 10 years and have developed specialist expertise in the following key areas:

  • Enterprise spatial solutions;
  • Web technologies;
  • Business Analysis;
  • Data Integration;
  • Data modelling; and
  • Database design.

We also design, develop and market spatial and web-mapping products that are highly efficient, cost effective and easy to use.

Andrew Betlehem (BSc. Maths, Computer Science)

Andrew has over 22 years of experience in all facets of software development in both the public and private sectors. He has been at the forefront of the leadership of Geometry since its inception and remains passionate about the company, the team and the future.

Andrew is Geometry's technical leader and has been responsible for the design of many of Geometry's award winning systems and continues to play a lead role in setting the company's research and technical directions.

Ashley Mahar

Director, Business Development

Ashley has over 25 years experience in the information technology and land information industries covering both the public and private sector. He has been involved in the governance of Geometry since its inception and was instrumental in the development of the company to its current position. 

Ashley continues to have responsibility for Geometry's business development activities and plays a lead role in the ongoing development of the Geometry team. He also plays a leading role in the governence of the company and its strategic direction.