Importing shapefile data into iGIS via USB

Follow the below steps to import your shapefile data into iGIS via USB .

  1. On your computer, add your shapefile data to a compressed zipped folder. i.e. ‘’
  2. Connect your iPhone/iPad to your computer via its USB cable, and open iTunes.
  3. Select your iPhone/iPad under devices and choose File Sharing
  4. Use the ‘Add…’ button to add your zipped shapefile data.
  5. The zipped data will now be on your iPhone/iPad so you can eject your device
  6. On your iPhone, open iGIS and select ‘Data’ folder from the home screen and press the ‘+’ button to add the shapefile.
  7. You will see the loaded shapefile.
  8. Select the shapefile and define, its projection and character set.  Select Import.
  9. The data will begin loading, and indexes will be created.
  10. You will need to add this data to a project, so that you can see it on a map.

* If your zip file contains multiple shapefiles of the same projection and character set, you can import all the files together by selecting ‘Import All,’  defining the projection and character set,  and then selecting ‘Import All’ again to initiate the process.