Rendering a layer with feature specific colours

UPDATE: The next update (as of 24-6-16) will have an option to render the labels of features with specific colours. The process is identical to what is described here.

As the shapefile format does not store feature rendering details within it’s shape attribute, iGIS supports feature specific colour rendering via the definition of hexadecimal colour code values within an attribute of the shapefile.

To use this functionality your shapefile will need a ‘Text’ type field containing hexadecimal colour code values.

The below screen print from ArcMap shows a display colour attribute field called ‘disp_col’ containing hexadecimal colour code values per feature.

A shapeifle like the one seen in the image above could then be imported into iGIS, and added to a project with  its  ‘color attribute’ option for the layer set to the ‘disp_col’ attribute.

When the project is opened features for the layer will be rendered with their defined colour.

There are many hexadecimal colour code charts and tools available online.