Is it possible to recover my data from iGIS if the export process fails for a given layer? (For advanced users)

iGIS uses two sqlite databases in its backend; spatial-store.sqlite and Projects.sqlite. In most cases data can be recovered to shapefile from these files using free third party software as described in the steps below.

UPDATE: The development team uses iFunbox to retrieve the database files. For a guide of how to use it, please refer to this guide on backing up and restoring projects.

1. Get a copy of these backend database files off your device using third party software like; iPhone Explorer
-Once installed, use iExplorer in its free demo mode to navigate to;

–iphone iExplorer\<*Your Device Name*>\Apps\iGIS\Documents\.database
–ipad iExplorer\<*Your Device Name*>\Apps\iGIS HD\Documents\.database

Save the spatialstore.sqlite and Projects.sqlite files to a location on your PC.

2. The spatial data in the spatial-store.sqlite database can be visualised and exported to shapefiles using the open source software Spatialite-GIS. This software can be found at the below linked site;

For a Windows 7 PC, downloaded and install;